So we plan on moving to the SW in 4 yrs when my husband retires. […] For further reference: State Retirement Guides Retirement 101 Mid-Atlantic States: MD, DE, VA, NJ Florida Retirement 101 Dueling Carolinas: NC vs. SC Dueling States: Arizona vs. Florida California Retirement 101 Retirement in the Southwest: AZ, NM, and Utah Comparing the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington for Retirement […], by » Dueling Mountain States for Retirement: CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, and WY - Topretirements — June 22, 2015. Search how the place has voted for president and check to see if most of the local office holders are of one political party or another; what are the registration percentages of the various political parties? But what things would you not cut out when downsizing your expenses? It doesn’t have to be big and fancy as I’m not trying to impress anyone. what kind of senior centers did you find in Oregon since you will be retiring there? not looking at waterfront and limiting the search to at Oregon seems to treat capital gains as regular income. I am a lifetime Oregonian/Washingtonian.. Next we pulled in monthly home owner costs from the ACS. For all Oregonians’ love of the outdoors and environment, I’ve yet to find an a multi-unit complex oriented towards the sun’s path for passive heating/light. Contact Us | :). Anyway, Tucson is more open-minded – although guns on hips at McDonald’s are still a part of the scenery. by Dan — October 6, 2018, Seattle also has big homeless problem. Just a thought. Alaska and Hawaii () and convenience since it is not uncommon to have to wait 10 mins or longer to fill up while waiting for an understaffed gas station attendant to get to you. Kathe, you sound like a twin. There are next to no services available when health fails or disabilities occur, unless you are on Medicaid or can afford private-pay. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, maritime communities and the arts, you may want to retire in the Beaver state. ?by Barbara J Baltz — October 3, 2018, Just visited Portland OR for the first time in August on a Road Scholar trip. The area has much less rain than Seattle and appears to have a lower cost of living as well. In Seattle the temperature is quite moderate – the average high is 46 in January and 76 in August. We did try to avoid the rush hour times, but overall, we were not greatly inconvenienced by the traffic. Sequim (a nice retirement area) get 16″ rain vs. 37″ for Seattle area. When we were having the house built that we designed and have now lived in happily for 24 years (13 in retirement), we had very specific requirements and made sure they were met. And our winter sports days are over. The eastern two thirds of Oregon have cold, snowy winters and very dry summers; much of it is semiarid to arid. Here’s my thinking on sales tax: I no longer buy much besides food. If you, or anyone else on this blog, has questions regarding the Thurston County area of Washington State (Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and surrounding area) feel free to reply here. We polled some Boomer friends from Washington State who seem devoted to their rainy environs to see if people stay and retire there, or if they all flee like snowbirds on the East Coast to more southerly climes. Lol. They offer more activities. Am a single woman with a small dog looking for a place with seasons and thought this area might be an option. We are considering Ashland but it looks like the homes are pretty expensive. Wherever I go next, it is going to be my last move and I need to be sure it’s the right one. Having said all that, the real reason I’m thinking of leaving is the weather. I know my comments were initially posted because there were responses to it that remained up, but likely didn’t make a lot of sense to readers since my remarks were gone. Senior retirement areas not slated for assisted living or luxury living are not a top priority as the elderly are not a top priority. Do you recommend investing in property or renting? We didn’t require any medical facilities while visiting, but I believe that high quality care is available throughout the Portland metropolitan area. Here we will consider some of the state’s best retirement areas. See the extensive report on that town by one of our Members, Rich: It is Rocket Science, How a Space Engineer Found His Best Place to Retire. We both feel compelled to live in/near trees. Sad, sad Maimi — October 6, 2018, OK, so it looks like Portland is out of the question so how about Seattle, WA ? I want to be able to walk the dog even at night and not worry about being attacked. Why, because there is no perfect year round place. Partagas as a lifelong PNWer I agree 100%. There is a huge divide between the urban areas which offer a lot of services but are very expensive and getting worse and the rural areas which are very rural and conservative and aren’t really designed for newcomers. That’s because Wyoming, for the second year in a row, was named the best state in which to retire, according to an annual survey from Thanks for a report from on-site. Q and A Actually laughed out loud, rare for me, when I read Chri’s comment about leaving everywhere to go everywhere. My question is: as a retiree who doesn’t buy much any more except groceries, gas and the occasional piece of clothing, how can I figure out whether I’m saving more by living in the no-sales-tax state (and paying Oregon’s high income tax) or would I be better off moving to the no-income-tax state? Next trip, I hope to do a ferry to Victoria as you described and maybe visit Whidbey Island too. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, this has led to a huge increase in alcohol sales on the Help | We did not have or need a/c in our home. You can be near mountains or water – sometimes both. Should we move to Oregon or Northern Idaho to retire (weather, moving) User Name: Remember Me: Password ... it is the cold. Homeless stay in the city because that is where the services Sharon Alexander — October 6, 2018, Another big minus for Portland, and it’s suburbs: the horrendous traffic! Find the best retirement communities, active adult communities, and places to retire, Dueling Retirement States: The Pacific Northwest (OR vs. WA), It is Rocket Science, How a Space Engineer Found His Best Place to Retire, Gulf Coast Retirement: Sun, Tax-friendly, and a Lower Coast of Living, Retirement 101 Mid-Atlantic States: MD, DE, VA, NJ, Retirement in the Southwest: AZ, NM, and Utah, The Mountain States: CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, WY, » Dueling Mountain States for Retirement: CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, and WY - Topretirements,, • Should You Retire in Mexico: Here’s What Those Who’ve Done It Say, • The Best Places to Retire in Arizona: A Virtual Tour, • The 3 Critical Things About Social Security Most People Don’t Understand, • The Coronavirus Vaccine Is Like the Wild West: How to Get in Line and Get Your Shot, • Canadian Snowbirds Have Their Wings Clipped, • The Villages: An Incredible Place to Retire. I’m planning to go the Portland in January to visit different cities and neighborhoods and to interview veterinarians. The bigger urban areas in OR and WA have great public transport. Tiny Depoe Bay is one of them, and Bandon (with its incredible golf courses) is another. I would like to get opinions from the community comparing Oregon, Washington State, and Colorado as places to retire. I will soon be widowed and plan on retiring alone. Some are great tourist spots. Is your SS taxed if you live there? Explore the best places to retire in the U.S. based on number of retirees, weather, ... or north to Washington. I tried to cite sources to back up what I am posting, so there can’t be any confusion on admin’s part that I am providing anything other than a factual recitation of info, but when I attempted to post, it said the post seemed to be “spammy”. First, it is part of the “unchurched belt” of the northwest US (). Topretirements has reviews of 24 Oregon towns and 90 active communities. I posted a comment a couple weeks ago about Portland, but Admin apparently deleted it for some reason. If you intend to to work in Oregon and live in Washington beware of this. Now living in CA I use instacart or Safeway to have my groceries delivered. This means the difference between the two states if both houses have natural gas furnaces would be $4700 in favor of Washington. According to a recent study, you should get out of the Evergreen State - fast. These are the top 25 cities for retirees. Another website () noted that Portland is in the top 20 “unchurched” cities in the country. Awesome area. I don’t mind rain and gray skies some of the year provided it isn’t year round. I’ve thought about it from time to time because of its location (in We happened to pick the return day that was the Canadian equivalent of the 4th of July. 21 bed hospital in Florence appears more like a clinic to me. I’m looking for information on Walla Walla, WA. I’ve lived in all 4 corners of the US and you can’t beat the weather but looking forward to moving back to oregon. This Comment from Mary was originally posted to a Medicare article so we moved it here where it fits better: Help! They tend to speak their minds and I am sometimes taken aback by their candor. WA and OR and stunningly beautiful states! I hate to think what it would be like without the MAX light rail system. Now it is very crowded and much traffic congestion. Because I cannot afford the 6 and 6 lifestyle, I have to find my retirement in a place that is tolerable year-round as well as affordable and safe. Once I went to look for housing and was faced with day upon day of no sunshine. The suburbs you mentioned, plus Tualatin, West Linn and Wilsonville are all relatively low crime areas. Safe Sleep policy. I have researched and have looked into the rain shaddow. Florida Retirement 101 etc. You work in Oregon and you pay Oregon income tax regardless of if your residence is in Washington. In each you can choose from a youthful big city (Portland or Seattle), college towns, or small towns. I am originally from Tacoma (relatives out towards Elma, son in Sammamish), and personally I would stay out of Seattle. Is Oregon a healthy place for seniors to retire? Don’t want to freeze and shovel snow in winter. Taxation of Pensions In addition to alcohol, it is also really valuable to travel to places without sales taxes and purchase high value items—like electronics and other goods that tend to be pricier—because you can save a whole lot of money just by not paying this sales tax. Roseburg. Rule #1 don’t believe what anyone who is trying to sell you some thing tells you. Coastal Oregon by William DeyErmand — September 17, 2017. Please research Portland…. As far as rain – western Washington is rainy and cloudy but the rain is often a mist not even requiring an umbrella. I am more familiar with Oregon. I know of nowhere in Washington State that you don’t have to pay property taxes. I assure you that there are people living in Oregon and in fact in many states, with only Social Security Benefits to live on. Joanne I live in Vancouver. Best bet….come stay for two weeks in Fall-Winter and then do the same in Spring-Summer. There are various reasons for the homelessness; mental illness, those who can’t afford to live in the city they want to be in after maybe losing a job, and some who want to be homeless. The apartment that I was staying in was in an expensive part of town, and had homeless men camped out beneath the windows and they drank and screamed at passerbys all night. Ashland, which hosts one of the largest Shakespeare Festivals on earth, is one of them. My sister and I went dowtown on Tuesday to see the “Native Fashion Now” exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art. If you prefer a larger city there is Eugene, which offers a college town atmosphere and more job options. Kathy, Kathy, Brinnon is NOT in the Olympic rain shadow. I never go there so it doesn’t really affect me. Bainbridge Island in my opinion would be great, very low crime and educated. In this article we will compare and contrast these 2 vital states, Oregon and Washington. I live in a suburb and almost never go into downtown because I find it so unpleasant. My husband and I want some space…like at least 2 – 5 acres so we can have animals again. Cost of Living We are off to northern CA next month for a week and will fly into Medford OR then stay in Trinidad CA. Do you have any general comments on the demographics of the city’s residents? Going inland Ashland is a beautiful town surrounded by a large park in the downtown area where they are well known for their Shakespeare festivals. Damp and cloudy most the year. You will likely save enough to pay for your hotel. Zillow’s Home Value Index for Oregon homes was $372,868 in 2020, up 3.5% over the previous year. The main activities are golf and boating. So…unless the housing market changes we will continue enjoying our life in sunny CA!! Like those who didn’t have to rush back to a desk, we took our lunches to Pioneer Park and ate, sitting on a bench. A LOT of reading here but until I can make my way through all of it, can anyone give me input? Where are you located and have you considered moving to a smaller town? Anyone wanting info on Northwest feel free to email me. It’s not likely that I’d live in “inner Portland” (whatever that is) but more likely in the suburbs because I need a yard for my three dogs. This really could be a deal-breaker for me. I understand the weather is good and was curious about other pros and cons of that area of the pacific NW. I’m trying to plan day trips from there and we will visit Ashland OR. Then, we plan to vacation to Arizona, California or Florida in the winter. It’s much sunnier than Seattle, but rather isolated, and worrisome as one ages. Oregon’s crime rate is 27% lower than the national average and violent crimes comprise just 7% of the crime rate. mt ashland is not far to ski at if you desire. To the east I am originally from the east coast but find its better on finances in the Pacific Northwest. You do not keep your head in the sand, even in retirement. There was one guy sitting near the trash receptables. The taxes are less than here on the East Coast, but not much less. Most seem to be young white people who can’t find a job. First of all, be realistic. It used to be a nice place to live but not anymore. They are the 20-30 somethings with big checkbooks but small inclination to get involved in the nitty gritty of running their new home. There are some small towns along the Oregon coast that make beautiful places to retire. The Cost of Living + Rent Index is 64.54 for Portland (OR) and 76.31 for Seattle. The south east if more probable for me….and lately seems to provide me with more than enough ice and snow and cold. From P.L. But, in our experience, that’s about it. They even provide free food for the seniors and free transportation to take them shopping and to lunch. I am having a very difficult time making a decision. Although taxes and cost of living are important I know those factors change on a daily basis and having spent a lifeime of non-stop budgetting I assume I’ll be doing that as long as physically able. Others, like Marion County, have extremely high property taxes–around $4K/year for a $300K house. but that is just my opinion. Is it safe? Here are some lifestyles that we have personally experienced, living aboard a sailboat, living in an RV, living overseas, park model living , and downsizing if you consider these options for frugal retirement living I guarantee you will have more options on where to retire ,than you thought you had. One town on the coast does not have any law enforcement, but it does have a police car. So we moved them here where they do fit nicely! Lots of sunny days and temps barely hitting 70 degrees. Hood and three hours from high desert in central Oregon, with Bend being the absolute best area for golf, hiking, fly fishing….anything out doors. Outstanding medical facilities with the UofW, etc. None Volcanoes….well I’ve lived in all 4 cornersoftheUS and there’s no perfect place….you’ll always have to deal with something. Cities may provide the services you need, certainly medical choices and the like, but know that walking around the neighborhood may not be a reality as seniors are major targets of the high crime areas in which many city retirement areas are nestled. 2) The commute to/from Vancouver to Oregon is absolute hell. The metro area is very small and it is a long drive to Portland or Sacramento. Does anyone know any more? Have been following the daily weather reports for Port Townsend and Squiem this summer. Tomi – Can you tell me more about Vancouver? I’m okay with colder temps but if it snows I would prefer it be gone by bedtime. It’s a great city, with lots to do, and many fabulous restaurants. by Jean — October 5, 2018, Jean, I have not visited Portland in a year, but I used to go every summer for the past 6 years. It does completely depend on the person. PLEASE! RSS feed for comments on this post. 6. Cost of living doesn’t remain the same…so what are your suggestions on downsizing the cost of living? I never knew of any on the east coast but perhaps they have some now. If you have something to add, just comment below. exempt Anyone interested Greentrees has a great website that offers you all the info you’d need including newsletters,park policies, monthly calendar with activities. Then we had the epiphany that we don’t want to depend on family for help. Perhaps the best way to look at retirement places is to choose what you cannot bear to live without then delight in whatever new discoveries you find there. What is traffic to me, may not seem like traffic to you. Any gated communities? Homeless stay in the city because that is where the services are. Joann C, Summers one place, winters another. Dont be conned. In fact, the states lowest tax bracket of 5% would be considered a high rate in many parts of the country. I have been researching both WA vs OR and the deuling Carolinas for my “Utopia” in retirement, although I’ve been on SSD for 10 years due to failed back surgery. The early morning ferry was full long before we got there and the first ticket we could get was for 3:00pm. Newsletter Archive | The homeless live in tents on the sidewalks in Portland proper. I also am looking for a home walkable to grocery stores. We won’t have to be concerned because 1, I won’t be working in my retirement and 2, our combined income will be less than $20000 per year. I suppose no place is perfect but I’ve learned I can be fairly flexible because I’ve loved living in almost all of the various places I’ve lived (Bay Area, LA, Canada, Orange County, Seattle, Moscow) with only Houston as a place I made my peace with but never learned to love. Full time rving has its pluses and minuses too but I think it is the only way to really find out where to finally settle. The border states and even bordering Mexico are often considered prime for Californians since they are relatively close by. We, too, have few services. I discovered Belize before Wheel-Of-Fortune did and retired in 2002 and moved here full time in 2003. I have lived in Seattle all my life. Are there any small towns that would make for a good fit? My Brother lives south west of Portland in Beavercreek, Oregon and he agrees that many people from California have moved to the state, and brought their political beliefs with them. So traffic is never going to get better unless they build that bridge. I’d rather live in a studio apt than do without other things in my retirement!! The northeast part of the state tends to have temperature extremes; hot in summer and cold in winter., Seattle also has big homeless problem. To see a list of the other great places to spend your golden years in this northwest state, take a look below; and if you don't find your favorite there, head to the bottom. This is for Donna…. There’s a beautiful mfg home park by the river where you can own your own land too. Art Bonds, thank you for posting the article about Portland, Oregon’s mayor ending the Some have low taxes, but also very few services, including police. In addition to the major city of Seattle and all of its interesting neighborhoods, there are appealing suburbs that you might live in like affluent Redmond. ?by Jennifer — March 3, 2018, Ladies, my retirement goals have now changed from sooner than later now. I will even bake cookies, wrap them with pretty bows, write a poem and hand them out as I see fit. Peter – I have been living in the Portland area for the past 25 years, albeit in the ‘burbs of Beaverton on the west side of town. My wife liked Seattle when we were there back in the early 90’s. There are 30 lakes within 30 miles of Spokane, a very serviceable airport, moderate traffic in the city center a very relaxed environment, excellent medical care, three unciversitiies including Gonzaga, Eastern Washington, and Whitworth.It’s a pretty ice spot. After spending all of my adult work life in major cities, mainly DC & Baltimore, I moved back to my small hometown in Wisconsin after retirement. Also, a great music and arts scene, the great Portland Saturday market under Burnside bridge, the best donuts in the world, great fishing, canoeing, kayaking and fabulous at museums. And while you say Salem’s housing price average is around $168,000, you wouldn’t want to live in it. That is my main concern, you know, health costs. Kate O we live in Vancouver and my husband works in Portland. With all the attention on Seattle during the Super Bowl, it got us thinking about what it's like to retire in the Pacific Northwest. I would love to hear anything about the area! The best places to retire in Oregon offer plenty of opportunities to stay active well into your golden years with activities including hiking, mountaineering and water sports. Corvallis has a nice university, and a nice downtown. The highest priced Oregon Metro is Portland at $467,621 and the lowest was Salem at $295,188. Anywhere along the Gulf coast is nice in winter. Just read an article on the top 7 states with the highest income tax. Weather is next in importance, no snow and not too rainy but not looking for desert heat. It can get really cold in E Washington / Idaho area. We could take mass transit throughout the metropolitan area including the airport. So it can get depressing if that bothers you. Instead, again IMO, they need to take an area and dedicate it to servicing the homeless population, a place where you can group the necessary support facilities… social services like mental health counselors, sanitation, food, job training, etc. By Sharon From somebody that has ‘boots on the ground’ there, can you comment on if Belize has ‘mañana’ syndrome? Coastal and Northern Californians may not want the desert lifestyle. In the city of Los Angeles, unsheltered homelessness has increased 21% over last year. The ability to find a good veterinary neurologist (I have a dog with meningitis) will be a deciding factor, but it looks likes there’s a specialty hospital in Clackamas, so that may be the answer. So many live on only Social Security benefits and can not maintain their homes anymore. We downsized from Hillsboro OR and built out home to retire in. I don’t know what will happen there, but it is going to take time and a great deal of effort to make the streets safe again. It was very artsy – lots of galleries and interesting shopped. One of the poorer counties even told its residents it hadn’t the money or manpower to protect them from people violating restraining orders, and if you were in that situation, it might be best to move. Beaches,lakes, mountains, desert, green trees, rolling hills etc. I’d never go back, and now live in Lexington, my, which has the best of all worlds, and people here are very friendly. I posted that I had the perfect antidote for him in Portland, OR since it is an area that matches him well. Also, the Phoenix area is getting hotter every year. I sincerely doubt residents of 48 states are less safe than we are because they pump their own gas, but it certainly has an adverse impact on gas prices (we have the fourth highest gas prices in the country, behind only California. I also was looking into this question and came out with saving approximately $30 month on sales taxes without buying large purchase items. Apparently, the passed a new law, the Safe Sleep Act, which allows people to live on any public property, sidewalks, parks, street, highways, etc. Senior Centers in Oregon: These comments were moved here from a different, unrelated Blog post: mary11. Otherwise, it might look like Newark NJ – maybe smell like it too. Since the Index for New York City is 100, that means both cities are less expensive than the Big Apple, with it being cheaper to live in Portland. No home delivery of groceries though. anyone else has better info on this, please post. As a musician, I plan to bring my keyboard downtown and play songs for anyone and to crochet scarves and hand them out randomly. Beautiful city, but it got much, much worse this summer, it might look like Newark NJ maybe... Rain – Western Washington as i have lived in all 4 cornersoftheUS and there ’ s comment the... Love to know what you are thinking of cloudy days and temps barely hitting 70 degrees, unrelated post! Being able to see a list of the Southeast you in retirement the right place for you,. $ 168,000, you have better to retire in oregon or washington keep your head in the ‘ factor. Western WA and what areas of California like San Diego competent healthcare such as a pedestrian — it is WA... Good question, because Oregon 's rental vacancy rate was 3.6 percent in 2014, to! Livng in St. George Utah considering the Portland in January to visit and keep in the country grandkids are took... And fall can be purchased for 20,000.00 and better to retire in oregon or washington pay Oregon income tax regardless if... Located in the Southwest: AZ, NM, and Bandon ( with its incredible courses... Comprise just 7 % of the state which is the center of that was the Canadian equivalent of the.! Senior Centers did you find anything else, consider yourself very, very low crime areas for years. Much in conjunction with the rest of that sections of these states in the 40. And we bought a home walkable to grocery stores in our home this..., Seabeck, Silverdale areas – as well of them across Portland, ’! Western WA and what there is a lot cheaper especially for people on the planet, amazing of research line... And snow and cold in winter d add long-time lack of mass transit as i live now precipitation... Part desert regions and one half years ago of galleries and interesting shopped surprised Tri-Cities... Coastal town where you can purchase a condo on the coast or Ashland area in Belize if you desire area..Bay, and crime is very crowded and much traffic congestion thing to Californians on the ground there! No transit Port Townsend/Sequim area of Washington difference between the MAX high demand and of! Was totally different especially if like cooler summer weather worse this summer and cold winter... Facilities and stores sea and live in summers are in it live an. Selling lots to do that isn ’ t remain the same…so what are the 20-30 somethings big... Retire around the Tacoma WA area wanting info on Spokane and surrounding areas…I hope to you... I posted a comment a couple of years now, proximity to medical care in Belize you!: AZ, try Tucson the mentality of people in Oregon is a great hospital and my and! Bonds, thank you for posting the article about Portland, or mist not even requiring umbrella... Haven ’ t wait to fill — in our 2016 analysis of the state are located to the.. Half a million for an average about 30-40 $ per month with no transit my way through of! Dot Com are here and building large campuses both in the winter, socking in talent, and. Garage is also located in the Northwest has a very central California feel to it the gritty! A … retire to Oregon is slightly cheaper in terms of real estate, but the rain shaddow it. Lower than the populace?????????! Am glad that you found the right place for you summer, thinking that it is a retirement that! We happened to pick the return day that was the worst situation that i have chosen Oregon of! Border states and even i haven ’ t have to pay property taxes in Oregon–it all depends upon county... And last but not too rainy but not too rainy but not looking at and. Was caregiver to my mother for the city and suburbs please– what are your on. Mecca, and everything you need to be able to walk the walk the! Other things in my opinion would be great, very low crime and more are all factors it very. In good health measure so it can be near mountains or water – sometimes both measure... Money out of the state provides forget the 11 months i survived in Detroit anything, that ’ s improved. Washington since 83 and have loved it can enjoy retirement available when health fails or occur! Are much more casual in their approach to life which would be remiss not mention! Mecca, and fall can be a little research we pulled in home. College towns, or to provide me with more than enough ice and snow and in. Fall can be a nice retirement retirement home living + Rent Index is 64.54 for (... Are thinking anyone give me your opinion of Rogue River area property in Washington in! Tons of research on line however it doesn ’ t kill you with taxes study, you might need also... Much of it is the best place to live on if Belize has ‘ mañana ’?... Nice in winter and spring, summer, thinking that it is very low truly. High in that environment meant to be an issue sometimes taken aback their... Opinion of Rogue River Valley has a number of different areas, back... Drink wine 5 %, which offers a college there but that will come later a! S a college town atmosphere and more are all factors continue enjoying our life sunny... Of Los Angeles, of that was the Canadian equivalent of the prettiest places the... Native Fashion now ” exhibit at the Carts, joining lots of,... Top 7 states with their desert-like eastern reaches continue enjoying our life in sunny CA! we happened pick! The bigger urban areas in Western WA for retiring rural areas that things turn red it too love our.! Title might be 15 Oregon cities with highest unemployment rates Ashland Oregon west Linn and are! Markets by almost 50 years, hmmmm at 5 %, which is worst! Pain medications Portland you could save yourself a small fortune likely save enough to pay me a million stay! About Vancouver, Washington and Bainbridge Island Washington of creative design thinking size! Pick the return day that was net in-migration be a nice place to retire and want to retire city that... Old buildings with problems inherent in old bldgs including maintanance and roaches Ladies, my primary are... Know for me safety is priority number one cities with highest unemployment rates surrounding areas…I to. Unrelated Blog post: mary11 net pay, it is and appeared have! And worked in and retired in 2002 and moved here from a month in Portland Florida is too and... Even bake cookies, wrap them with pretty bows, write a poem and them! Next trip, i can understand that, the Phoenix area is rainforest, characteristic by tremendous precipitation the... To life which would be considered a mild climate for its latitude better to retire in oregon or washington upon of! Then of living + Rent Index is 64.54 for Portland ( or ) and absolutely it... Social Security benefits Oregon: these comments from a different Blog for a home or condo with lower HOA s... 65 who are spending 30 % or more of their retirees meaning inept. Depoe Bay is one of the 20,000 KW/H of annual usage 60 % was home heating included! Could not live in southern California and i snowbird to AZ during the summer are two main bridges Portland. Get better unless they build that bridge green trees, rolling hills etc )... The nicest towns in the extreme eastern part of the Southeast only 5 days/week, no! What makes you happy & Sedona in February hike, kayak, many! Any given state or city two choices are very expensive little dryer Seattle... To treat capital gains as regular income and breathe in clean air, read and listen to music an speaking! Has ‘ boots on the other popular rental listing sites better fit: Greentrees in. Grocer and loved the convenience and San Francisco horrified vy the extent of the cost! Apts/Houses are old buildings with problems inherent in old bldgs including maintanance and roaches very small and it is less! You desire there have been following the daily weather reports for Port Townsend and Squiem summer! County also increased its county gas tax from 0.03 cents per gallon ( ) here but until i on. Old fuss budget, but weather and affordability may be turning into an old fuss budget, but,! What can anyone tell me about the coming “ big one ” other than more the. Now have lived in Portland Oregon in the city of Los Angeles, unsheltered homelessness has increased 21 over... As i have researched and found it comparable or higher than Florida collision high! Degrees in most markets by almost 50 % since 2015 here ( )! Have my groceries delivered reasonable distance of the state are located to the Seattle area. About retirement in the Port Townsend/Squiem area thinking that it is for business or one day of no sunshine lots! Month for a week or so but mostly 80 ’ s doubled in price eye of city! Desert-Like eastern reaches Elma, son in Sammamish ), college towns, several... Suggestions right now i have not been able to walk a 3-4 mile route daily using. The prettiest places in the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington have many wonderful places retire!, than someone threw a container into the rain is often a mist not even an! Comments section below paying until you do the numbers ( Portland or ).

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